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dotnet core - missing csproj.metaproj

When building a MVC project on Ubuntu the following error occurs:

/home/user1/.local/share/Trash/files/pangolin.2/Pangolin.Web/src/Pangolin.Web/Pangolin.Web.csproj.metaproj : error MSB4025: The project file could not be loaded. Could not find file '/home/user1/.local/share/Trash/files/pangolin.2/Pangolin.Web/src/Pangolin.Web/Pangolin.Web.csproj.metaproj'.
0 Warning(s)
1 Error(s)

When building the same project on Windows there are no compilation errors.

The dotnet version on both machines is 1.0.0-rc4-004771. The project is build using the dotnet build command in both environments.

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Levon Avatar asked Mar 10 '23 00:03


1 Answers

The problem was with the directory structure. Make sure any external projects are added to the src directory. Alternatively, you could add the external project as a NuGet dependency.

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Levon Avatar answered Mar 12 '23 15:03