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Not able to install both GraphicsMagick and ImageMagick

In my ubuntu server I have two apps, one is using GraphicsMagick and one is using ImageMagick but I am not able to install both GraphicsMagick and ImageMagick, when I am installing one then it is replacing the /usr/bin/convert and the convert command is pointing to only one, is there a way to keep both like convert1 and convert2?

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Saurabh Udaniya Avatar asked Mar 15 '23 19:03

Saurabh Udaniya

1 Answers

ImageMagick installs in /usr/bin/convert. GraphicsMagick is installed in /usr/bin/gm.

In order to use convert with Graphic Magick use /usr/bin/gm convert or simply: gm convert.

For ImageMagick use, as usual, convert.

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Amir sayyad Avatar answered Mar 18 '23 09:03

Amir sayyad