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Delphi Network programming

I have a classic client/server (fat client and database) program written in Delphi 2006. When certain conditions are met in the client, I need to notify all the other clients very quickly. Up until now this has been done using UDP broadcasts, but this is no longer viable as clients now connect from outside the LAN and the UDP broadcast is limited to the local network.

I'm aware of the Indy libraries but am not really sure of which components to use and how to structure it. I'm guessing I'll need to have a server that the clients connect to which will receive and distribute the messages...? Any samples out there to get me started?

Are there any other component sets or technologies I should look at instead/as well?

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Marius Avatar asked Jan 25 '23 03:01


1 Answers

The simple answer is that the standard protocols available in Delphi (and other tools) don't allow for notification in reverse. I looked into this for a project where I wanted to use SOAP. They all assume client asks server, server responds and that's it.

For me, the solution was the RemObjects SDK. This allows you to send notifications to clients, and the notification can have any data you like (just like the client to server). Myself I use the SuperTCP connection, but it works with others too. It can still offer a SOAP interface for clients that must use it, but for where you have control of both client and server it works extremely well.

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mj2008 Avatar answered Feb 04 '23 18:02