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can I get the facebook all.js file as a not-minified (expanded) file?

I'm running into a bug when working with facebook's all.js. I get the line number of the bug, but that line is wow huge. Does facebook provide a "non-minified" version of that all.js file? That would really help me figure out what is going on and step through it..

Related: Tool to Unminify / Decompress JavaScript <-- this link does the trick, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of a de-minified version that is provided by facebook. De-minifying it myself might introduce bugs which would cause me to chase down bugs that don't exist in the original source code.

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jcollum Avatar asked Feb 24 '23 23:02


2 Answers

Latest update on 2013:

Facebook has removed the source from GitHub, instead they provide the debug version (non-minfied) from the link below:


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chaco Avatar answered Feb 26 '23 23:02


The source code is available on github, as mentioned on the Facebook javascript sdk page.

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bkaid Avatar answered Feb 27 '23 00:02