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Which Facebook C# SDK? Official (github) or unofficial (codeplex)? [closed]

They both have the same name and use the new Graph API, but which is better for ASP.NET 4.0 WebForms? The official SDK hasn't been updated in a few months, but the one on Codeplex was just updated last week. Does anyone have experience with both that could offer an opinion?



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jrummell Avatar asked Feb 26 '23 20:02


1 Answers

I've worked with facebooksdk. The source code is well engineered and it works great for us.

The facebooksdk also allows you to use the new dynamic type when working with the Graph API which makes it really easy to work.

After logging in with the Javascript SDK, it is really easy to get info about the user.

FacebookApp facebook = new FacebookApp(GetFacebookSettings());
if (facebook.Session != null)
    dynamic parameters = new ExpandoObject();
    parameters.fields = "id,first_name,last_name,birthday,email";
    dynamic result = facebook.Api("me", parameters);

    // do something with the user's name...
    string firstName = result.first_name;
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Adam Spicer Avatar answered Apr 07 '23 21:04

Adam Spicer