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Bitbucket - Syncing Branch with another Branch

This may be a duplicate of How to keep a git branch in sync with master (I assume I can just replace Master with the other branch), but it's vital that this works and doesn't merge the wrong way around so I need to make sure.


There was a branch called v1, and I created a branch off of that called v1_adminui. I've made around 10 commits to my branch v1_adminui, but a major improvement to another part of the project has been made in v1, so I want to Sync that change with my current branch.

I believe the following would do it:

git checkout v1
git pull
git checkout v1_adminui
git merge v1

Please can you confirm if this is correct? If not, any help would be appreciated on how to accomplish this.

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Gary Avatar asked Mar 16 '23 09:03


1 Answers

Since you are the only one working on this branch, you should use rebase instead of merge.

# Get the base branch
git checkout v1

# Pull in any changes to make sure you have the latest version
git pull

# Check out your branch
git checkout v1_adminui

# Rebase your changes on top of the v1 changes
git rebase v1

# Optionally push your rebased branch
git push origin v1_adminui

You might have to use the --force option when pushing in the last step. Since you're rewriting the branch's history with the rebase, the remote branch will have a different history. Only do this if no-one else is using this branch!

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nwinkler Avatar answered Mar 28 '23 04:03