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Add Javadoc/source to Joda-Time when imported as Maven dependency

I'm new to Maven and the Joda-Time library. Is there a simple way to add Javadoc/source code to the Joda-Time library when I import it with Maven?

This is what I added to the pom.xml:



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user2595834 Avatar asked Mar 23 '23 03:03


2 Answers

If you are using Eclipse with the Maven Plugin you'll find this setting under: Preferences / Maven / Download Artifact Sources and Download Artifact JavaDoc

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reto Avatar answered Apr 25 '23 00:04


For Netbeans8 IDE In Your maven project:

  • Choose services folder.
  • Click 'Maven Repositories'.
  • Click 'Central Repository'.
  • Find joda-time.
  • Double click joda-time artifact group.
  • Double click the joda-time artifact.
  • Choose your version number.
  • Right click and add dependency.
  • It will then be added to your pom.xml and be downloaded and compiled into your project.
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MortenB Avatar answered Apr 25 '23 01:04