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Yii2: Not Found (#404): Unable to find debug data tagged with '5578effb0790c4.13707485'




I'm getting this at the bottom of my page, where the debug bar should be. What is the problem?

This request: http://localhost:81/xxx/web/debug/default/toolbar?tag=5578f180963e82.28312577 is returning 404.

I need to see the error message & stack trace generated when I log to Yii::error(). It's not showing in runtime/log/app.log, so I need the debug bar.

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Chloe Avatar asked Jun 11 '15 02:06


3 Answers

I removed files from frontend/runtime/debug and frontend/runtime/cache and nothing was changed.

But when I removed all folders from frontend/runtime then it started to work.

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Alexey Muravyov Avatar answered Oct 21 '22 14:10

Alexey Muravyov

One reason could be missing write permissions for the runtime folder. The Debug Tool Bar creates there another directory debug which is used for *.data files.

This happens easily if the web server has its own user which differs to the user that has created the runtime folder.

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robsch Avatar answered Oct 21 '22 12:10


I tried the info above without luck (and I suggest people here do the same, as in most circumstances it will solve your problem). But what worked for me was running. tail -f frontend/runtime/logs/app.log and it told me that there was an error with a table that it expected to exist but did not. Once I fixed that underlying issue my problem went away. In my specific case, I had the following enabled but no corresponding table/s.

'authManager' => [
    'class' => 'yii\rbac\DbManager',

Once I commented/removed it from my config, everything started working.

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johnsnails Avatar answered Oct 21 '22 12:10