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what type of network programming is necessary in iPhone online multiplayer game?

I am asking this question as a small part of my question series regarding game programming .

Refer this question as the main one .

Now suppose I want to develop a game on iphone - a simple online multiplayer board game.

Suppose its a casino table.

In the main question ChrisF has tell me of sort of Client - Server architecture for iphone online multiplayer game.

I want to know what sort network programming I have to do for this type of application .

What will be the responsibilities and activities carried out by client and server .

You can provide me link, tutorials or to the point answers , anything will be great help for me and will be really appreciable .


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harshalb Avatar asked Feb 27 '23 18:02


1 Answers

You'll want to write a socket application running on a server. When you have access to a wifi access point or edge/3g you can send data to it from your iphone application. This server can then handle the incoming data and send an appropriate reply to the people connected.

For server socket programming, take a look at this guide - http://beej.us/guide/bgnet/.

For iphone specific socket programming, take a look at the samples supplied with the Iphone SDK. This link also has some basic information.

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Charles Avatar answered Mar 01 '23 06:03