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OAuth on iPhone: using Safari or UIWebView?




When I implement OAuth in iPhone, I have a dilemma to choose Safari or UIWebView to open the Twitter pages for user authentication? I write some advantage and disadvantage of both case: Using UIWebWeb. The disadvantage is users have to enter their credentials in our application. It's maybe risky phishing. The advantage is this approach will not quit our app.

Using Safari for user to authenticate (this approach automatically callbacks to our application) Addvantage: less risky. Disadvantage: have to quit our app

A good reference link about this: http://fireeagle.yahoo.net/developer/documentation/oauth_best_practice

Which approach do you prefer? Any response is appreciate. Thanks.

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KONG Avatar asked Feb 27 '23 10:02


1 Answers

The vast, vast majority of users will not understand or care about the distinction. Do whatever makes their lives easier, or--all else being equal--your life easier. And so long as you are trustworthy (you're not phishing or peeking at their credentials, right?), you'll be providing a good experience and not screwing them over. In this case, I'd use the UIWebView.

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Ben Zotto Avatar answered Mar 01 '23 23:03

Ben Zotto