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What does "(v) ->" mean in Android Studio?

When in Android Studio I will often see my anonymous inner class for a View.onClickListener compressed to a (v)-> until I click on it, much the same way my code will display as if strings are hard-coded when my code uses a string resource id. Google searches for '"(v) ->" android' are not giving me anything. Is this some more advanced compact coding notation that I can use?

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Thomas Hodges Avatar asked Mar 17 '23 21:03

Thomas Hodges

2 Answers

It is called lambda expressions, which is a feature of Java 8 and is not yet supported in Android. In your case, it is just the onClick's View parameter. It is the android studio to compact anonymous inner classes.

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Blackbelt Avatar answered Mar 19 '23 11:03


Android does not support lambdas. Android Studio does this so the code looks like the latest Java.

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Alexander Kulyakhtin Avatar answered Mar 19 '23 09:03

Alexander Kulyakhtin