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Visual Studio Cordova - can't deploy app

I'm using Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 with Cordova Tools. I have simple bootstrapped HTML5 app, and an iMac running the remotebuild agent.

I have an iPad connected to my Windows machine with VS, and I'm selecting Debug -> iOS -> Local Device

VS seems to successfully post the build request to the iMac, it builds successfully, but then VS output window repeats over and over that "build completed successfully".

I can't see how to install my app on the connected iPad - I've installed a provisioning profile, and have iTunes installed, but no idea what is supposed to happen next.

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user888734 Avatar asked Oct 31 '22 19:10


1 Answers

Its a bug in visual studio 2015 and seems to effect ios developers running OSX Yosemite (Most reports were coming from that version)

there are 2 common problems with git integration in the transformation process(its likely that your project has created one during the transfer):

  1. .git* (.gitignore and etc.) are located in wrong folder
  2. .git* (.gitignore and etc.) are configured improperly


  1. move anything .git* to your root folder. i.e the folder with .sln file except the ones located in other platforms' (android, etc.) folder, they are probably located in the project folder(one level inside root project folder) or less likely, the www folder.
  2. reconfigure your .git* files, since its not a git related question i'll try not to bother with details but an example visual studio .gitignore can be found here (it will most likely solve your problem alone)

Hope the answer was helpful, btw let me know whether the solution has fixed your problem, there are plenty of bugs in cordova development in V.S 2015 and your best bet is to wait for update 1 unfortunately.

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lkn2993 Avatar answered Nov 12 '22 19:11