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Unable to log into Bitbucket on Chrome

When i tries to log in to Bitbucket (web-based version controller) on Chrome (google chrome web browser), i consistently get,

Oops, you've made a malformed request. If you came here from a link we sent you, please contact support.

This can happen on Chrome. (works fine on Chrome incognito) This issue occurred when i try resetting my password.

then, i founded a solution from Atlassian Cloud Support. this

but, that's not resolve my problem.

In my research, it seems that people have experienced this error before, but none of worked solution i didn't found.

Any help some else is appreciated!


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snishalaka Avatar asked Sep 23 '19 07:09


2 Answers

First thing - try to log into BitBucket in another browser, or in incognito mode:

  • Windows: ctrl + shift + n
  • Mac: cmd + shift + n

If it doesn't work then your best bet is to contact Atlassian support.

But if it works, then it's a big chance that an extension is causing the issue.

What you should do is disable all your extensions (type in the URL bar: chrome://extensions) and re-enable each extension, one by one, until you find the culprit.

For me it was this extension causing the problem:

Library Detector v5.6.0

Library Detector v5.6.0

I hope this helps you.

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Consta Gorgan Avatar answered Sep 20 '22 00:09

Consta Gorgan

As snishalaka mentioned, https://poperblocker.com/ caused my atlassian Oops, you've made a malformed request problem. Disable it then login. Finally, you can turn on again.

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Kerem Avatar answered Sep 19 '22 00:09