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Test a method which calls another method of the object in mockito

I have an interface, ex:

interface MyService {
  void createObj(int id)
  void createObjects()

I want to test an implementation of the createObjects method, which has body like:

void createObjects() {
  for (...) {

I have already tested createObj(id):

@Test public void testCreate() {
  int id = 123;
  DAO mock = mock(DAO.class);
  MyService service = new MyServiceImpl(mock);



So I don't want to repeat all test cases for it in the test for createObjects.

How can I make sure that another method of the real object was called besides the one I am testing?

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glaz666 Avatar asked Mar 24 '23 01:03


1 Answers

Use a spy:

MyService myService = new MyServiceImpl()
MyService spy = spy(myService);

// now call spy.createObjects() and verify that spy.createObj() has been called

This is described, like everything else, in the api doc.

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JB Nizet Avatar answered Mar 30 '23 00:03

JB Nizet