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SVG image as background image in windows phone 8 and phonegap

I am using the SVG image as background in a phonegap project for windows phone8 but its not showing. following is the code

.loyaltystar { 
    position:absolute; margin-top:3px;
    background:url(../img/available-icon.svg) no-repeat;

<li><a href="a.html" class="loyaltystar"></a></li>

is phonegap 2.4 supports the SVG for windows phone 8.

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Dnyan Waychal Avatar asked Mar 19 '23 19:03

Dnyan Waychal

1 Answers

Got the solution removed the xml start tag from the image and its working now ...

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Dnyan Waychal Avatar answered Apr 07 '23 07:04

Dnyan Waychal