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Eclipse not updating apk when changes made to phonegap app

This question has being asked but none of the answers work such as clean,refresh, change version numbers etc. Eclipse is not rebuilding the android project when changes are made to the source files. It's a phonegap app and if i change html files or even the java code, I still get the same apk!! If i change the version number, that change is reflected but not any other change. Driving me nuts!Any help would be great

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user2312688 Avatar asked Mar 20 '23 18:03


1 Answers

You're not very clear about what you're really doing, I will try to guess (next time please provide more details if you want to get help).

I will assume you created a cordova 3.x project using the cli, added the android platform and then imported the platforms/android project in eclipse (at this step I hope you didn't check the "copy projects into workspace" option).

Then you modify html/javascript files in the projectroot/www folder and those changes are not reflected when you go in eclipse and create the apk.

Excuse me if my guess is wrong, but if if it's not, I think you're missing a step in the process.

Here is what you should do (if you created the project using phonegap cli and not cordova, please replace cordova with phonegap in the following command) :

  • make your changes in the projectroot/www folder
  • run the command cordova prepare android
  • go in eclipse and refresh the project
  • build the apk in eclipse
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QuickFix Avatar answered Apr 26 '23 15:04