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Retrieve form's "name" attribute in Javascript whereas an input exists with name "name"

I have something like this HTML structure :

   <form name="myvalue" id="hello">
      <input type="text" name="name" />

I'd like to retrieve the form's name attribute in Javascript, with a cross browser solution.



won't work because it will return the corresponding input object.

Under chrome, following code works, but I didn't succeeded to find the equivalent for Internet Explorer 8


Thanks in advance !


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Frédéric Camblor Avatar asked Oct 14 '10 21:10

Frédéric Camblor

1 Answers

I think this oughtta work


tests ok in IE8, which is all I have. you might have to do some browser checking and pick your approach as needed.

edits: actually, your example works fine for me in IE8 too. but not ie7.

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lincolnk Avatar answered Oct 01 '22 11:10