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PlayN - Virtual keyboard on iOS and Android

Is there a way to programmatically trigger the virtual keyboard on iOS and Android in PlayN? Something like Gdx.input.setOnscreenKeyboardVisible(true); in LibGDX.

The best I could find is the Keyboard interface, but from what I can tell, this can only get a whole line from the user, but I need per character (keypress) feedback.

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Smotko Avatar asked Jun 17 '13 20:06


1 Answers

As for Android, I think you should look at this answer. It does not give complete answer to it's question, but really fits yours.

To make long story short, you should have an EditText or some other control, able to receive keyboard input, request focus on it and in onFocushandler call setSoftInputMethod.

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David Jashi Avatar answered Nov 15 '22 19:11

David Jashi