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PHP Check the file is opend before rename



I have cleanup script, which move the XLS files from one place to another. for this file moving process, I have used the rename function. This script is working fine. but when the XLS file is open, when I try to move that xls, I am getting error which simply say Can not rename sample.xls. But I would like to add the functionality like, Check the XLS is open before initiate rename function.

I believe this is function call flock but this is applicable for TXT file alone.

How to check XLS file is opened before call the rename function.

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Bharanikumar Avatar asked Mar 24 '23 05:03


1 Answers

One simple thing you could try is to use flock to acquire a Exclusive Lock on the file and if it fails you will know the file is being used:

$fp = fopen('c:/your_file.xlsx', 'r+');
if(!flock($fp, LOCK_EX))
    echo 'File is being used...';
    // rename(...);

An alternative would be to check the existence of the locking file excel usually creates when a file is being used:

$file = 'c:/testfile.xlsx';
$lock = 'c:/~$testfile.xlsx';
if (file_exists($lock))
    echo "Excel $file is locked.";
    echo "Excel $file is free.";

The hidden file is usually name with the prefix ~$ as for old excel files I believe 2003 and older the lock files are saved on the temp folder with a random name like ~DF7B32A4D388B5854C.TMP so it would be pretty hard to find out.

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Prix Avatar answered Apr 02 '23 21:04