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Phonegap CLI on linux doesn't do anything

I've installed the phonegap cli with the following command:

sudo npm install -g phonegap

When I then type

phonegap create testApp

It doesn't do anything, it doesn't output anything, no error messages. I've tried reinstalling it, installing cordova, but nothing.

I'm working on kubuntu 13.10

Any ideas?

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Maurizio Pozzobon Avatar asked Feb 13 '23 23:02

Maurizio Pozzobon

1 Answers

I had the same problem. What worked for me was doing:

sudo apt-get install curl
npm update npm -g
sudo npm install n -g
sudo n stable

And then after that:

sudo npm -g remove phonegap
sudo npm -g install phonegap

After that phonegap started to work like a charm...

This was mostly taken from these notes

I have ubuntu 13.10

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ellertsmari Avatar answered Feb 24 '23 08:02