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Netbeans: How to show all (git) commits that will be pushed?

How to show all (git) commits than will be pushed within Netbeans ? Netbeans 7.3 simply pushes everything without showing a list of all commits first (like IntelliJ IDEA does).

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Sliq Avatar asked Mar 24 '23 22:03


1 Answers

The current NetBeans Git plugin dialog for push doesn't support any preview option.

What is missing a simple log feature, as shown in "Preview a git push":

git log origin/master..master

But depending on your push policy, and remote refspec, it can be more complex (you can push several branches instead of one).
You need (as with this script) to interpret the result of:

git push --dry-run --porcelain

NetBeans Git plugin doesn't implement that, which leaves you only with a command-line workaround.

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VonC Avatar answered Apr 06 '23 02:04