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Is it possible to associate TFS work items when using git-tf





I am using git-tf and am finding that after checking in my changes to TFS I end up having to manually associating these changes with TFS work items. I see the --work-item option in the documentation but am wondering if it is possible to have these associations made automatically; perhaps using some tag in the comment such as #refs 17. I have found answers using git-tfs but am wondering if this is possible without changing tools; I prefer the cross platform support of git-tf.

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davidk Avatar asked Mar 25 '23 03:03


1 Answers

Yes, there are a number of ways to associate work items with commits. As you note, you can use a checkin argument like --associate or --resolve checkin options to associate or resolve a workitem, respectively.

If you prefer to use a comment to drive this system, you can use the "mentions" features that are in git-tf 2.0.2, similar to the "mentions" features in the Team Foundation Service git integration. In that case, simply add #1234 to the comment of your git commit in order to associate with work item 1234, then checkin using git tf checkin --mentions.

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Edward Thomson Avatar answered Mar 26 '23 15:03

Edward Thomson