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MySQL and Matlab

I want to interact with a MySQL database from Matlab.
I found a mysql "library" for matlab here and the same on mathworks.

I followed the instructions to compile the library and the compilation seems to be successful. I get a mex32 file at the end. Only, the instructions on the first page refer to a Dll that I need to use (I guess that a Dll was supposed to be generated).

I am not familiar with the mex compiler or with compiling external modules for Matlab.
Am I missing something trivial? Where is the Dll supposed to be?


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Shaihi Avatar asked Feb 28 '23 08:02


1 Answers

The reference to the dll is obsolete.

When you compile a mex function on Windows, you compile it as a dll (not an .exe). Thus, compiled mex functions used to have the extension .dll. Mex-functions with .dll extensions still work, but there is a warning that this might stop being the case in the future.

When 64-bit Windows arrived, TheMathWorks needed a way that people were to be able to compile the same mex-function for both Win32 and Win64, thus they changed the extension to .mexw32 and .mexw64, respectively. Apparently, they did not update the documentation completely.

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Jonas Avatar answered Mar 05 '23 15:03