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Include Visual C++ Runtime with Application

I switched from Visual C++ 2010 Express to Visual C++ 2012 Professional for my application (Euler Math Toolbox). To be compatible to XP, I use the 110-XP platform toolset from Update 1 of Visual C++ 2012.

In earlier versions, I added three DLL files MSV90*.dll in the program directory and a manifest for these. Can I the same for Visual C++ 110? And which files would I need to include? And do I need a manifest? If so, where can I find one?

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Rene Avatar asked May 27 '13 19:05


1 Answers

Summarizing my findings so far, there are four options:

  1. Provide a link to the MS download page for the VC runtime.
  2. Add an installer for the VC runtime to your installation.
  3. Copy msvcr***.dll to your program directory.
  4. Compile with static libraries.

All of these seem to work.

(1) or (2) obviously have the problem with different versions of the runtime. We need to trust Microsoft and the program developers to keep compatibility.

(3) has the problem that the dll you add must run on the target machine.

I decided use (4), because it works. To try this, set /MT in the C++ -> Code Generation properties for your project.

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Rene Avatar answered Sep 23 '22 15:09