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Open a Standard Jet DB 4.0 file (*.vmd)

I downloaded a database file with the extension "VMD". Now I'm looking for a windows software which can open this file, so that i can see all the included tables to (later) export some of them info csv.

When I open the downloaded file with a normal text editor, the header of the file tells me

Standard Jet DB 4.0

When when I try to open it with usual db software (like Microsoft Access) there is an error like

unrecognizable database format

I'm a little bit confused. The file has a "Standard Jet DB 4.0" header but can't be opened with usual software.

Is the some great software which could open this file it?

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Tony Montana Avatar asked Mar 12 '13 10:03

Tony Montana

1 Answers

Rename the file to .mdb suffix and then try opening in Access again. You may need to use a password, in which case try Access PassView as suggested in this answer.

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beldaz Avatar answered Sep 26 '22 01:09