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how to use PDO connection object in different files [duplicate]






Hello i am new to PDO with MYSQL, here are my two files 1) index.php

require_once 'prd.php';
    $db = new PDO ('mysql:host=xxxx;dbname=xxx;charset=utf8', 'xxx', 'xxxx');
    echo 'connectd';
}catch(PDOException $conError){
    echo 'failed to connect DB' . $conError->getMessage ();
$conn = new prdinfo();

2) product.php

class prdinfo{function con($db){
        foreach($db->query("select * from products where vendor_id = 2" ) as $row){
            $prod_id = $row ['product_id'];
            echo '<br/>' . $prod_id;
    }catch(PDOException $ex){
        echo 'an error occured' . $ex->getMessage();

my problem is here i can pass the connection object to every file, but i have so many files to use database queries, so i need to pass the $bd to all the files. this is getting burden on the code. so is there any way to connect the database with PDO. Thanks

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Durgaprasad Avatar asked Mar 22 '23 10:03


1 Answers

  1. pdo.php, taken from here. People often overlook many important connection options, so I had to write a dedicated article that explains how to connect with PDO properly

  2. product.php

     class prdinfo  
         function __construct($db)
             $this->db = $db;
         function getVendor($vendor)
             $sql = "select * from products where vendor_id = ?";
             $stm = $this->db->prepare($sql);
             return $stm->fetchAll();
  3. index.php

     require 'pdo.php';
     require 'product.php';
     $info   = new prdinfo($pdo);
     $vendor = $info->getVendor(2);
     foreach ($vendor as $row)
         echo $row['product_id'];

It would be also a good idea to implement class autoloading instead of manually calling require.

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Your Common Sense Avatar answered Apr 25 '23 23:04

Your Common Sense