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Laravel 4: how to write the correct nested controller for nested resource?

In Laravel 4, I wish to create a set of restful resources as follows:


So I created two controllers: PostsController and CommentsController (on the same layer), and the routes are written as below:

Route::resource('posts', 'PostsController');

Route::resource('posts.comments', 'CommentsController');

I also created a link in /views/comments/index.blade.php referring to routes: posts.comments.create

{{ link_to_route('posts.comments.create', 'Add new comment') }}

Here's the problem I met:

When I visit http://localhost/posts/1/comments, the page throws MissingMandatoryParametersException, indicating:

Some mandatory parameters are missing ("posts") to generate a URL for route "posts.comments.create".

How can I fix the problem, and how can I know whether the solution also applies for the create and edit methods in CommentsController?


 public function index()
    $tasks = $this->comment->all();

    return View::make('comments.index', compact('comments'));


public function create()
       return View::make('comments.create');


public function show($post_id,$comment_id)  
        $comment = $this->comment->findOrFail($comment_id);  

        return View::make('comments.show', compact('comment'));  

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JackpotK Avatar asked Mar 24 '23 22:03


1 Answers

I'm using nested controllers in two projects, love them. The problem seems to be in your controller and route link.

In the CommentsController, the $post_id is missing. Do something like this:

public function create($post_id)
   return View::make('comments.create')
    ->with('post_id', $post_id);

When creating links to a nested controller, the ID's of all of the ancestors must be provided. In this case the $post_id is again missing. You may have to make it available to your view if it's not already.

{{ HTML::linkRoute('posts.comments.create', 'Add new comment', $post_id) }}
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Codeplus Avatar answered Mar 26 '23 12:03