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how to make syntastic with html tidy aware of ionic tags?

I'm trying to edit an ionic application with vim that has syntastic enabled using html tidy. Unfortunately, I'm getting a load of errors.

How can I make html tidy aware of ionic tags, or failing that make it ignore them so that I don't receive errors like this:

www/index.html|26 col 5 error| <ion-pane> is not recognized!
www/index.html|24 col 3 warning| <body> proprietary attribute "ng-app"
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Chris Snow Avatar asked Jan 08 '23 08:01

Chris Snow

1 Answers

The solution for me was to set the following:

let g:syntastic_html_tidy_ignore_errors=["<ion-", "discarding unexpected </ion-", " proprietary attribute \"ng-"]
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Chris Snow Avatar answered Jan 22 '23 07:01

Chris Snow