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How do I search Google for code and other programming related keywords? It seems to strip special characters

One of the problems I have with Google is that it seems to strip special characters like dots, commas and some other special characters, which are usually what I'm looking for when I'm trying to find anything programming-related

ex: django @ sign returns irrelevant data. Perhaps you know a way (or an alternative/technique) to make this possible?

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cybervaldez Avatar asked Feb 28 '23 16:02


2 Answers

If you're looking for actual code examples, you can try code.google.com. Otherwise, the safest bet is to find the main website for whatever language you've got questions about and look around there, although a little digging is likely to turn it up on google.

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Showtime Avatar answered Apr 25 '23 02:04


Have you tried http://www.google.com/codesearch?

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Scott Avatar answered Apr 25 '23 04:04