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google drive api, javascript list files returns nothing

I'm just getting started with Drive API calls, and I'm trying to list my files.

So far, my function looks like this:

 var retrieveAllFiles = function () {
            var retrievePageOfFiles = function(request, result) {
                request.execute(function(resp) {
                    result = result.concat(resp.items);
                    var nextPageToken = resp.nextPageToken;
                    console.log("nextPageToken ="+nextPageToken);
                    if (nextPageToken) {
                        request = gapi.client.drive.files.list({'pageToken': nextPageToken});
                        retrievePageOfFiles(request, result);
                    } else {
        var initialRequest = gapi.client.drive.files.list({'maxResults': 10});
        console.log("initialRequest = "+initialRequest);
         retrievePageOfFiles(initialRequest, []);

In firebug, I see that the response looks like this:

  "id": "gapiRpc",
  "result": {
  "kind": "drive#fileList",
  "etag": "\"vGmlhiWxP02tugPmRvLynwC_A0Y/vyGp6PvFo4RvsFtPoIWeCReyIC8\""

This isn't what I expect, because my Drive contains two files.

Can anyone point out what my mistake is?


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rvabdn Avatar asked Mar 24 '23 08:03


1 Answers

I've solved this one myself it was a problem with scopes.

I was using


but this only grants access to files create with the app making the request. To get access to all the files I had to add


I only figured it out by using another app and noticing it was asking for different scopes.

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rvabdn Avatar answered Apr 02 '23 19:04