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$(window).load doesn't seem to be working in firefox

So I've got some code that need's to be executed only when content of the website is loaded so I place it within window load, like this:

$(window).load(function() { 
   //some stuff happens

Works perfectly fine in safari and chrome (I'm on mac osx 10.8), however doesn't seem to be working on firefox (19.0.2). Is there a fix or something that need's to be applied in order to make firefox work with it?

It works if I clear cache in firefox, but doesn't work any time after that.

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Ilja Avatar asked Mar 24 '23 09:03


2 Answers

Incase anyone else find this page from Google...

For me the following does work on Firefox:

$(window).load(function() {
    //Do something

But when the page gets cached, such as when the back button is clicked, $(window).load() does not get called again. See this for the bug report. This is expected behavior from Firefox so do not expect a fix.

2 things to fix this are either stop the browser from caching the page when hitting the back button using this code (in addition to your $(window).load() code):

window.onunload = function(){}; //This forces bfcache to not cache the page

Or use the other jQuery event instead of $(window).load():

window.onpageshow = function () {
    //Do something
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hvaughan3 Avatar answered Apr 06 '23 01:04


did you try window.onload = function(){}

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jbduzan Avatar answered Apr 06 '23 01:04