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Eclipse Java Build Directory

Something driving me crazy - I have autobuild set in java eclipse ide and its building to a JAR apparently. Where is the output directory??

I don't see any build folders or anything in the project home folder.

Thanks, Kidovate

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Christian Stewart Avatar asked Feb 24 '23 23:02

Christian Stewart

1 Answers

How are you examining the project folder? Many of the Eclipse navigation views filter out output folders. Take a look at your project directory with you OS file system browser instead.

The java output directories are configured via Project Properties -> Java Build Path. You can go to that page to see what folders are being currently used.

Note that Eclipse java build does not generate a jar. It generates a directory of classes. To generate a jar, you have to invoke File -> Export -> Jar File wizard or use an external script like ant or maven.

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Konstantin Komissarchik Avatar answered Mar 07 '23 06:03

Konstantin Komissarchik