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DNS Error: Loading from master file failed:




I'm not very skilled at debugging DNS issues. I'm trying to configure two named virtual hosts in apache2 at foo.com and dev.foo.com

Currently I'm getting a DNS error that I'm not sure how to resolve, and whether it's related to my apache configuration. However, apache does not complain or submit an error log on reload.

dns_master_load: /dev/shm/bind/DO/db.foo.com:14: www.foo.com: CNAME and other data
zone foo.com/IN: loading from master file /dev/shm/bind/DO/db.foo.com failed: CNAME and other data
zone foo.com/IN: not loaded due to errors. 

My zone file is the following:

$TTL    1800
@       IN  SOA NS1.nsexample.COM.  hostmaster.foo.com. (
            1378763038 ; last update: 2013-09-09 21:43:58 UTC
            3600 ; refresh
            900 ; retry
            1209600 ; expire
            1800 ; ttl
             IN      NS      NS1.nsexample.COM.
                     NS      NS2.nsexample.COM.
                     NS      NS3.nsexample.COM.
@   IN A    123.456.78.910
www IN A    123.456.78.910
www CNAME   @
ww  CNAME   @
dev IN A    123.456.78.910

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Scott Crespo Avatar asked Mar 22 '23 12:03

Scott Crespo

1 Answers

You cannot have CNAME and any other record for the same DNS name:

www IN A    123.456.78.910
www CNAME   @

In this case the second line is superfluous, you can delete the CNAME record.

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Laszlo Valko Avatar answered Apr 02 '23 19:04

Laszlo Valko