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Install Etherpad into subdirectory

I managed to get Etherpad up and running using this Etherpad installation instruction.

It runs at http://localhost:9000/ on my server and is delivered on Apache via Reverse Proxy and SSL to https://www.example.com/.

This is all running fine, but as Etherpad is not my only application I want it to be called via https://www.example.com/etherpad/. How can I manage this?

I tried to change the ProxyPass commands to

ProxyPass /etherpad/ http://localhost:9000/
ProxyPassReverse /etherpad/ http://localhost:9000/

which made it available at /etherpad/ directory, but all ressources within it are still delivered from / (root directory). Within the /etc/etherpad/etherpad.local.properties config file I did not find any relevant setting.

How can I tell Etherpad to live within a subdirectory? I cannot use another subdomain as I would not have SSL there.

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arnep Avatar asked Mar 23 '23 20:03


1 Answers

I solved the issue by switching to Etherpad-Lite. Not quite the same functionality, but enough for me.

Etherpad-Lite uses relative directories like ../scripts/script.js instead of absolute directories (Etherpad: /scripts/script.js).

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arnep Avatar answered Mar 31 '23 16:03