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Cross-browser method to prevent all methods of text copying from a textarea?

I am working on an online typing software. In the typing software, all is going well but I have the problem of dishonest users who might possibly type the text into the textarea, copy it, then reload the page (therefore resetting the timer) and pasting it in straightaway. So I was thinking along the lines of using something like evt.preventDefault(); when javascript detects the pressing of the ctrl / cmd button along with the C key. But then I realized that the user could always go up to the menu bar to press Edit -> Copy. So I was wondering, is there a cross-browser method to disable both methods of copying?

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Lucas Avatar asked Apr 09 '12 08:04


1 Answers

You can try to use the following jQuery code:

$('input[type=text],textarea').bind('copy paste cut drag drop', function (e) {
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Selçuk Avatar answered Oct 06 '22 00:10