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Can't restart thread [duplicate]

I have the following thread:

public void start() {
        isRunning = true;

        if (mainThread == null) {
            mainThread = new Thread(this);

        if (!mainThread.isAlive()) {
            try {
            } catch (Exception e) {

At some point I want to stop it's operation:

public void stop() {
        isRunning = false;

When calling start() again the following exception is thrown:


Pointing the mainThread.start() line of code.

What is the best way to start/stop a thread? how can I make this thread reusable?


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jkigel Avatar asked Mar 23 '23 20:03


1 Answers

Once a thread stop you cannot restart it in Java, but of course you can create a new thread in Java to do your new job.

The user experience won't differ even if you create a new thread or restart the same thread(this you cannot do in Java).

You can read the website for API specification http://docs.oracle.com/javase/6/docs/api/java/lang/Thread.html

What you might be looking for is Interrupts. An interrupt is an indication to a thread that it should stop what it is doing and do something else. It's up to the programmer to decide exactly how a thread responds to an interrupt, but it is very common for the thread to terminate.

To know more about interrupts read the Java tutorial guide http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/essential/concurrency/interrupt.html

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AurA Avatar answered Mar 30 '23 00:03