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Can I use noSQL document based to store json objects?

I am learning about noSQL, I read about document based database, and that noSQL is suited for developers, can I set the document format to be a json object?

For example, to store people profiles inform of json ojbects, and store the json as is in noSQL table? is this the right way to move on?

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Samir Sabri Avatar asked Mar 17 '23 07:03

Samir Sabri

1 Answers

In general and in most of the NoSQL document database, use json (or if i want say it exactly BSON) to store objects. for example in CouchDB and MongoDB data store as BSON object. BSON is binary representation of JSON. when you work with this database you should save JSON and fetch JSON object. So in my opinion, you have answered yourself question, because document is JSON really.

I have created a presentation, you can check it for getting extra information

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Himen Avatar answered Mar 19 '23 22:03