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Android databinding and LiveData: Can't bind to value in LiveData property

I'm trying out databinding for a view that's supposed to display data exposed through a LiveData property in a viewmodel, but I've found no way to bind the object inside the LiveData to the view. From the XML I only have access to the value property of the LiveData instance, but not the object inside it. Am I missing something or isn't that possible?

My ViewModel:

class TaskViewModel @Inject
internal constructor(private val taskInteractor: taskInteractor)
    : ViewModel(), TaskContract.ViewModel {

    override val selected = MutableLiveData<Task>()
    val task: LiveData<Task> = Transformations.switchMap(
    ) { item ->
    ... left out for breivety ... 

I'm trying to bind the values of the task object inside my view, but when trying to set the values of my task inside my view I can only do android:text="@={viewmodel.task.value}". I have no access to the fields of my task object. What's the trick to extract the values of your object inside a LiveData object?

My task class:

@Entity(tableName = "tasks")
data class Task(val id: String, 
                val title: String, 
                val description: String?, 
                created: Date, 
                updated: Date, 
                assigned: String?)
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Bohsen Avatar asked Nov 29 '22 21:11


1 Answers

For LiveData to work with Android Data Binding, you have to set the LifecycleOwner for the binding


and use the LiveData as if it was an ObservableField


For this to work, Task needs to implement CharSequence. Using viewmodel.task.toString() might work as well. To implement a two-way-binding, you'd have to use MutableLiveData instead.

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tynn Avatar answered Dec 04 '22 13:12