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Xcode, git, and intermediate build folders




I would like two things:

  1. to be able to change branches in git, and then Run or Build in Xcode without recompiling the entire project.

  2. have git ignore intermediate build files during merge, so it won't ask me to resolve any conflicts.

Putting the intermediate builds folder outside the project, or using .gitignore to ignore that folder, accomplishes #2 but not #1; I have to rebuild the entire project when I change branches, even if I did not modify any files.

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Ross Carter Avatar asked Nov 06 '22 17:11

Ross Carter

1 Answers

Well, you've answered #2 correctly yourself, so really your question only related to #1. I don't really see why Xcode would need to recompile things either - git won't change timestamp on unchanged files when switching branches.

Have you actually implemented the #2 solution, so that the entire problem isn't caused by git stomping on your build directory, which should be .gitignore'd?

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Jakob Borg Avatar answered Nov 15 '22 05:11

Jakob Borg