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Wicket Drop down choice to set default value



I want to replace "choose one" option in drop down choice with other String "successfully occured" and I dont want to show list item to set the default.

DropDownChoice<Person> customer = new DropDownChoice<Person>(
                        "customer", new PropertyModel<Person>(customermodel, "customer"),list, new ChoiceRenderer<Person>("name", "id"));
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Nitin4Android Avatar asked Nov 16 '11 10:11


2 Answers

The best way to do this is to put the definition

customer.null=successfully occured

in a properties file associated with the form or page containing the choice.

The properties file can also be localized so that what's shown depends on the locale.

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Don Roby Avatar answered Nov 11 '22 21:11

Don Roby

For me I had to do following to get this done.


Then created a file named "HomePage.properties" (I added the drop down to HomePage)

set the null text in the .properties file as bellow.

nullValid=Choose one..
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Janaka Priyadarshana Avatar answered Nov 11 '22 20:11

Janaka Priyadarshana