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Which is best Postfix Log analyzer? [closed]

Which is best Postfix Log analyzer? We are looking for good log analyzer for postfix. We need to analyze the following

  1. How many mails queued ?
  2. How many mails not delivered ?
  3. Why mails are not delivered ?

And is it possible to view the subject for the all mail status instead of message id? I mean to review the status of the single mail.

We are using Sawmill analyzer now. But the management is not satisfied with the report from the sawmaill, since its missing single message status and subject.

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Anto Binish Kaspar Avatar asked Aug 21 '09 10:08

Anto Binish Kaspar

People also ask

How do I check postfix logs?

Look for obvious signs of trouble Postfix logs all failed and successful deliveries to a logfile. When Postfix uses syslog logging (the default), the file is usually called /var/log/maillog, /var/log/mail, or something similar; the exact pathname is configured in a file called /etc/syslog. conf, /etc/rsyslog.

What is log Analysis software?

Log analysis software helps enable the documentation of application log files for records and analytics. This type of software provides tools to increase the collection of logs as well as centralized databases for storing data.

What are postfix logs?

The command "postfix logrotate" may be run by hand or by a cronjob. It logs all errors, and reports errors to stderr if run from a terminal. This command implements the following steps: Rename the current logfile by appending a suffix that contains the date and time.

1 Answers

I've used http://jimsun.linxnet.com/postfix_contrib.html before. Give it a try =) may help you with what you need.

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Eduardo Romero Avatar answered Jan 05 '23 00:01

Eduardo Romero