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Where do the Linux TCP/IP hackers 'live'? [closed]

Over the past year or so my production platform has been plagued by an odd TCP/IP issue. I've spent zillions of hours working with competent & knowledgeable sysadmins, scouring the net, reading source code, been jerked around by RH's pathetic support, and crying tears of blood! To no avail. (Google 'unkn-4' and you'll see many posts with my name all over.)

Work-a-rounds are in place, so the issue is not a priority. But the geek in me really would like to understand and solve this problem.

So, where can a moderately competent systems programmer go to ask detailed questions and receive detailed answers from The Lords of TCP/IP stacks? I assume that their world so close to the bare metal, their population so small, is different from my own. That, and they don't want to answer emails to "My modem doesn't work" so they hide in the shadows.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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Stu Thompson Avatar asked Mar 01 '23 08:03

Stu Thompson

2 Answers

Dave Miller (person in charge of networking in the linux kernel) and their fellow henchmen all inhabit the lkml or Linux Kernel Mailing List. If you can provide a reasonably decent bug report they'll get you a reasonable answer.

On the other hand if you tell them it's a very old kernel, they'll tell you to try the newest... At the very least you can try searching its archives.

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Vinko Vrsalovic Avatar answered Mar 05 '23 15:03

Vinko Vrsalovic

The linux-net mailing list might interest you. There should be more details here.

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sigjuice Avatar answered Mar 05 '23 15:03