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What does {{^ mean in handlebars

I have a handlebars template that contains:

{{^is mymodel.someproperty}}

I don't understand what the significance of the caret symbol is. I've searched around, the only place I'm seeing it is on Handlebars Expressions

It's used like so:

{{#each nav}}
  <a href="{{url}}">
    {{#if test}}

What does "{{^" mean in handlebars? It sort of looks like a .NOT. or .ELSE. or something like that.


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Eric Avatar asked Mar 17 '23 01:03


1 Answers

The reason it's not in the handlebars doc is because it's a mustache construct called an Inverted Section.

See: https://mustache.github.io/mustache.5.html#Inverted-Sections

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pborenstein Avatar answered Mar 20 '23 12:03