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what are all the tables in "Aspnetdb" database used for?

i was reading about how to do memebership,roles and profiles in asp.net and they all seem to be very easy,but there is one thing, which all the tutorials and books i have seem to forget to talk about.

the data base generated by asp.net has some tables, which i have no idea what they are used for.

i was woundering if anyone could provide me with an explanation of what each table in the "aspnetdb" is used for

thanks in advance

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Mehdi Zengi Avatar asked Feb 25 '23 18:02

Mehdi Zengi

1 Answers

Explaining it here would be a bit lengthy. Take a look at MSDN's documentation here.

There are 8 parts to the article in total. Each one describes what each table is used for from both a high level and a more detailed level.

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Abe Miessler Avatar answered Feb 28 '23 03:02

Abe Miessler