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Web2py default app

I am planning to publish my site soon on Dreamhost using passenger WSGI as mentioned in the dreamhost setup documentation.

My issue is that I am wanting www.mydomain.com to go directly to my new application, instead of needing to go to web2py.mydomain.com/MyApp/Default.

What is the best way to solve this issue? Do I use DNS redirects or can this be done through the web2py configuration?

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chills42 Avatar asked Feb 04 '23 04:02


1 Answers

Another option available since web2py version 1.83 (Aug 11, 2010):

Default Application, Controller, and Function
The name of the default application, controller and function can be changed from init, default, and index respectively to another name by setting the appropriate value in routes.py:

default_application = "myapp"
default_controller = "admin"
default_function = "start"
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mwolfe02 Avatar answered Feb 05 '23 17:02