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Valgrind reporting "brk segment overflow in thread #1" [duplicate]




I wonder what this message implies:

==18151== brk segment overflow in thread #1: can't grow to 0x4a26000

Note that the code runs just fine and the output is correct. Should I just ignore this message? And what does it mean?

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user3639557 Avatar asked Mar 16 '16 06:03


1 Answers

I think you can ignore it. I got the message in a new allocation in some code that seemed to work perfectly and I also get the message it in the following code:

#include <vector>

struct Something
    Something() : a1(0), b1(0) { }
    unsigned short a1;
    unsigned short b1;

const int allocsize = 10000;

struct Tester
       for (int u = 0; u < allocsize; ++u)
           data.push_back(new Something[519]);

       for (int u = 0; u < allocsize; ++u)
           delete[] (data[u]);

   std::vector<Something*> data;

void test()
     Tester t;
     // while (true) {;}

int main()
    return 0; 

I also noticed that others experience the same issue:

Valgrind reporting a segment overflow

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Thorbjørn Martsum Avatar answered Sep 28 '22 18:09

Thorbjørn Martsum