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You can contact me: virtualeye [at] gmail [dot] com

10 years of professional development experience on advanced software technologies. Led the development of exciting projects on 3D graphics, computer vision, robotics, and mobile apps.

Image Processing and Vision: Optical flow estimation, image registration, warping, blending & compression. Video transcoders, video copy detection, object segmentation and object tracking.

CG/3D Development: Design and development of 3D applications for visualization, animation and processing of 3D objects and volume images for medical and dental industry.

Mobile Development: Developed mobile media capture platforms and shipped several mobile apps.

Specialties • Vision, Graphics and HCI.

Languages: C, C++, Java, VC++, Objective-C, Python, SQL, UML IDEs, Tools and APIs: Win32 API, MediaCodec API, MFC, COM, ActiveX, OpenCV, Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, Intellij Idea, Xcode, iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch, CoreData, Qt, MATLAB, CMake, Windows Media SDK, OpenGL ES, GLKit, WebGL, VTK, Unity3D, MeVisLab, DirectX, SVN, Mantis Bug Tracker, JIRA (Scrum), MS Project. Platforms: Windows, Linux (Ubuntu), Mac OS X, iOS and Android. Data and Formats: XML, SQLite, MySQL, DICOM, CT, STL, PLY, H.264, AC, PNG, MP4.