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CEO of Social Media Marketing Agency Crowd People and Publisher of We Love Crowds and wanna be programmer.

I first wrote a macro in Lotus 123 and was hooked. Then Excel came along and I wrote a bigger macro. I then dabbled in Foxpro. A friendly fellow who I grew to like and we stayed on good terms for sometime. But then came an upstart.

MS Access taught me frustration but allowed my code creativity to flow but she wasn't all she professed to be and left me bitter and frustrated.

But then came my mistress, my whore, my vixen; the one who beguiled and enthralled and stole my every waking hour. Darkness witnessed my tumble from sleep and the moon found me at her feet each night- VB6; my life, my love, my loathing.

And now, I've joined the ranks of Pretty Happy People (PHP) and dragged myself away from mother ship MS. It's a long journey and learning how to walk again has slowed my progress.

And as I journey on my path, I see a new shiny thing afar, that glimmers and gleams like a ruby - and I want that too.