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Unable to cast object of type 'WhereSelectListIterator` in LINQ

I have BackgroundWorkerCollection which is a list of a specific class. When i try to loop into the list and filter and select a single i'm getting the mentioned error.


Dim bw = From BackgroundWorkerLinq In BackgroundWorkerCollection Where BackgroundWorkerLinq.Id = sItemNo Select BackgroundWorkerLinq.Backgroundworker

Is it possible to convert the bw to Backgroundworker, the class created in the application has two properties Id(int) and Backgroundworker(Backgroundworker). So i have to convert back to the same to check if that is busy or not.

Where i'm wrong and how to achieve that?

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A Coder Avatar asked Mar 22 '23 13:03

A Coder

1 Answers

bw will be a sequence of BackgroundWorker items - so you can't cast from that sequence to a single item. There are a number of methods which will give you a single item, e.g.

  • First
  • FirstOrDefault
  • Single
  • SingleOrDefault
  • Last
  • LastOrDefault

You should work out whether you should use one of those, or actually iterate over all the results of the query.

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Jon Skeet Avatar answered Mar 25 '23 03:03

Jon Skeet