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SHA-1 for a submit to github




I created a project at


I also successfully pushed the code to the repository and can see my code in the browser.

but how do I determine "SHA-1 hash identifier corresponding to the commit that contains the full submission"

I lurked around in the UI but didn't find any SHA-1 corresponding to my push

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Knows Not Much Avatar asked Jan 09 '23 20:01

Knows Not Much

1 Answers

The UI displays an abbreviated sha as a link to your latest commit.


If you click on it, you'll be redirected to the following url

  • https://github.com/abhitechdojo/ProgrammingAssignment2/commit/1b037f69e209e0b71538e7048c88d78e30c32714

Where 1b037f69e209e0b71538e7048c88d78e30c32714 is your full commit sha

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nulltoken Avatar answered Jan 17 '23 01:01